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Success Factors for Content and Search Engines

You've probably heard the phrase "content is king." In fact, you might have heard it so much that you're really sick of hearing it! While that's definitely an understandable reaction, it's still true that content is very important when you're trying to get search engines to rank your site highly. When you get the content you're creating right, you have a great foundation you can built on for all your SEO efforts. There are five specific content areas you have to look at to make sure you're maximizing what your content can offer.

1). Content Keywords

If you aren't using the keywords your customers are looking for, those customers aren't going to find your content. Even though that's a logical assumption, it's often overlooked by companies. One of the reasons this gets ignored is that the keywords you think are best and the keywords your customers actually use may be different. That's especially true with keyword phrases, as changing a word may affect how well the phrase works when it comes to search engine ranking and getting found by your customers.

2). Content Quality

It's not just about keywords, though. The content you provide to your customers has to be good quality, or they might not keep coming back. If they don't find something interesting, informative, or otherwise important in the content you have to offer, they could avoid your site or even go to a competitor. To avoid that, don't just provide content that the search engines will like. Instead, offer something that's optimized for search engines but that also provides plenty of good information that a human reader would want to see. No matter what you write about, make it factual and interesting.

3). Content Research

The way to make your content interesting and still provide plenty of keywords that the search engines will like is to do your research. When you research content, and when you research keywords, it's vital that you keep both your products and your customers in mind. You want the two to come together seamlessly, and that's not always easy. It can be made easier with a little bit of research, though, so you can use the right keywords and phrases that your customers are searching for, and offer them good information when they find your site and see what you can give them.

4). Content Freshness

Evergreen content - which is designed to stand the test of time and always be valid - is important, but you also want to add fresh content to your site on a frequent basis. You can do that with a blog, but there are also other options. However you decide to add your content, the freshness of it can and does matter. You'll want to make sure your content is relevant to the present day, and to what consumers will be interested in. If you don't add any fresh content, your site can seem stale and turn customers away.

5). Content Engagement

The content you offer to your customers has to be engaging. It needs to reach out to them, and make them want what you have. If you can tell them a story, provide them with a solution to their problem, or show them the benefits of working with your company, you can engage with them and work on building a relationship. Trying to sell to them too fast rarely works, but once they feel like they know you, they'll be more receptive to making a purchase. When they feel they can interact with you, there's a higher chance of retaining them as customers.

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